This is an extension of the concept of building with blocks to make it even easier for organisations like yours to work with infrastructure code. We have simplified the process of creating infrastructure into a brick store.

The process is very simple and consists of three steps:

1. choose a cloud service provider like AWS or DigitalOcean on which resources will be created

2. select the elements that your infrastructure will consist of for example, a database, kubernetes cluster or load balancer

3. choose where you store the infrastructure code like Github/Gitlab or maybe BitBucket.

As a result, the code you selected will be generated and made available to you. When you upload it to the repository, Ci/Cd processes are activated and you will be able to manage the code. If after some time you decide that you need to expand the functionality, it will be possible to purchase the missing modules so that you can quickly gain access to the resources.

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to add support services in which we will implement the process in your organization, train staff, and adapt the product to your needs.

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