This project contributes to the open-source community, whose resources we have used extensively over recent years. It is a set of modules that can be used to manage cloud vendors like AWS or DigitalOcean in a GitOPS fashion. The modular approach is nothing new—it is found in many programming languages—but we call it building with blocks because the modules can be combined freely to create different scenarios.

A multitude of supported vendors

Our modules support providers such as AWS and DigitalOcean, but we plan to expand the list to include Azure and Google Cloud as well. Our idea is to show that you can use different providers in a unified way and one in which migration from one to another is relatively simple.


Undocumented knowledge quickly disappears, therefore, we ensure that our modules have code documentation and ready-made examples of use. All this makes working with them convenient and easy for both the developer and the user.

We’re open for PRs

The code blocks include all the good practices we have developed over the last few years. We will be pleased if you decide to contribute to the project. To help you get started, we have created our development guide outlining our coding standards.

If you would like to try it,
visit the project website to find out how to get started